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Research Objectives

The overall aim of GREEiNSECT is to investigate the use of edible insects as a concrete tool for developing a new, sustainable and inclusive component of the food and feed sector in Kenya, and to contribute to a transition towards a greener economy.

The specific research and capacity building objectives of this project are:

Objective 1: To generate knowledge of edible insect production systems for small- to large-scale enterprises, which address appropriate technologies in the urban and rural Kenyan context.

Objective 2: To assess the risks and food safety threats of the mass-rearing of insects on human, animal and environmental health, and to provide evidence for an institutional framework advising the development of national and international regulations for insects as food and feed.

Objective 3: To investigate how promotion of small- to large-scale mass-rearing of domesticated edible insects can contribute to the development of green economy in Kenya, channeled through public-private partnerships and markets for insect-based food and feed products.

Objective 4: To strengthen research collaboration and research capacity of Kenyan institutions in collaboration with private partners, in order to support a platform for interdisciplinary and innovative research on insects as an inclusive and green economic opportunity.

Objective 5: To strengthen the national and international outreach of the knowledge generated from this research consortium.