Project Partners

GREEiNSECT is a global consortium bringing together universities, private sector and international organizations. The research groups in Kenya and Denmark are supported by strong international partners.




  • Insects for Food and Feed Programme, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) - Rome: will provide technical expertise and support; knowledge sharing from Technical Cooperation Programme on insects as food in SE Asia; support in international communication.
    Contact person: Mr. Paul Vantomme
  • Khon Kaen University (KKU) - Thailand: Regional lead in research and curriculum in edible insects and regional dissemination of cricket farming technology. Yupa Hanboonsong to support technological adaption in Kenya. Contact person: Dr. Yupa Hanboosong
  • Enviroflight - USA: Private enterprise founded by Glen Courtright developing technologies for mass insect harvesting for animal feed. Enviroflight will provide access to their facilities for demonstration and support supervision for a Kenyan PhD.
    Contact person: Mr. Glen Courtwright
  • Agriprotein - South Africa: Private enterprise innovating bioconversion processes using insects to convert organic waste to protein (larvae). Innovation in mass rearing systems. Founder David Drew to support public-private partnerships through research collaboration at human waste conversion plant in slums of Nairobi.
    Contac person: Mr. David Drew
  • Department of Fisheries Post-Harvest Technologies and Quality Control, Ministry of Agr., Fish., and Forestry, Cambodia (DFPTQ): DFPTQ has partnered with the FFU funded WinFood project and developed ‘baby food’ with tarantulas. C Chamnan is the national representative to the CODEX Alimentarius. DFPTQ will lead data collection for preparation of standards for insect trade.
    Contact person: Dr. Choumn Chamnan.



GREEiNSECT has in the last years build a strong network in Denmark and abroad with universities and other research institutions to strengthen research, knowledge sharing and capacity building around insects for food and feed.

GREEiNSECT members are advising and collaborating with the following networks and projects:

A multidisciplinary group of scientists and innovators from institutions based in Denmark. Engaged in research and innovation in the various areas related to the use of insects as food and feed. INFOFEE contributes to communicate between academia and the public through media coverage on the status of insects for food and feed research and innovation.




Established in 2016 by a World Bank grant, GREEiNSECT is collaborating with the Center of Excellence in Sustainbale Use of Insects as Food and Feeds (INSEFOODS) hosted at our long time partner Jaramogi Odinga Oginga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST) in Bondo, Kenya.