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Project Partners

GREEiNSECT is a global consortium bringing together universities, private sector and international organizations. The research groups in Kenya and Denmark are supported by strong international partners.

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  • Insects for Food and Feed Programme, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) - Rome: will provide technical expertise and support; knowledge sharing from Technical Cooperation Programme on insects as food in SE Asia; support in international communication.
    Contact person: Mr. Paul Vantomme
  • Khon Kaen University (KKU) - Thailand: Regional lead in research and curriculum in edible insects and regional dissemination of cricket farming technology. Yupa Hanboonsong to support technological adaption in Kenya. Contact person: Dr. Yupa Hanboosong
  • Enviroflight - USA: Private enterprise founded by Glen Courtright developing technologies for mass insect harvesting for animal feed. Enviroflight will provide access to their facilities for demonstration and support supervision for a Kenyan PhD.
    Contact person: Mr. Glen Courtwright
  • Agriprotein - South Africa: Private enterprise innovating bioconversion processes using insects to convert organic waste to protein (larvae). Innovation in mass rearing systems. Founder David Drew to support public-private partnerships through research collaboration at human waste conversion plant in slums of Nairobi.
    Contac person: Mr. David Drew
  • Department of Fisheries Post-Harvest Technologies and Quality Control, Ministry of Agr., Fish., and Forestry, Cambodia (DFPTQ): DFPTQ has partnered with the FFU funded WinFood project and developed ‘baby food’ with tarantulas. C Chamnan is the national representative to the CODEX Alimentarius. DFPTQ will lead data collection for preparation of standards for insect trade.
    Contact person: Dr. Choumn Chamnan