PhD projects 

Part of the GREEiNSECT workpackages are carried out by PhD Candidates working in Kenya and Denmark.

Dr. Afton Halloran (PhD completed)
MSc. Agricultural Development, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
PhD project: The impact if cricket farming on rural livelihoods, nutrition and the environment in Thailand and Kenya

Mohammed H. AlemuDr. Mohammed H. Alemu (PhD completed)
MSc. Environmental and Natural Resources Economics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
PhD project: Consumer preferences and demand for insect-based food products in developing countries: Emperical perspectives on consumer heterogeneity, tasting experience, peer influence and value elicitation methods

Pambo Kennedy Otieno Dr. Pambo Kennedy Otieno (PhD completed)
MSc. Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Nairobi, Kenya
PhD Project: Assessment of consumer attitudes and motivation to consume foods from edible insects: The case of cricket-flour buns

Mary A. Orinda Dr. Mary A. Orinda (PhD completed)
MSc. Agricultural & Applied Economics
PhD Project: Effects of housing and feed on growth and efficiency of production of Acheta domesticus (L) and Gryllus bimaculatus for sustainable commercial cricket production in the lake Victoria region, Kenya

Nyakeri Evans ManyaraDr. Nyakeri Evans Manyara (PhD completed)
MSc. Biotechnology, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya
PhD Project: Identification of feeding substrates and optimization of production of black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens, L) for fish feed formulation

Henlay Juma Otieno MagaraMr. Henlay Juma Otieno Magara
MSc. Agricultural Entomology, Kenya
PhD Project: Cricket farming for Food and Feed: Assessment of Cricket species Composition, Genetic Diversity and Development of Rearing Procedures for some Key species in Kenya

Carolyne KipkoechMs. Carolyne Kipkoech
MSc. Immunology, Moi University, School of medicine, Kenya
PhD project: Use of edible cricket to improve nutrition and health in Kenya