About GREEiNSECT – University of Copenhagen


About the project

Mass- production of insects can contribute to the food supply both now and in the future. GREEiNSECT is a collaborative research consortium of universities and private partners aiming to investigate how mass-production of selected insect species can be developed in Kenya as a nutritious food source, as well as a a novel protein source for animal feed.

The partners will investigate the technical aspects of developing insect mass-rearing systems in Kenya; their applications to food, nutrition, and feed security; andtheir economic and social impacts and acceptance.

Together this research will advise the potential of ‘greening’ the agricultural sector via insect production systems. GREEiNSECT contributes to research capacity building in Kenya by supporting PhD studies in the fields of insect production, food product development, and economics.

Read more about the sub workpackages of the GREEiNSECT model.

Furthermore, international partners from SE Asia will advance the progress of the project through their experiences with the edible insect sector. International knowledge dissemination will be supported by FAO.

Time frame:

January 2014 - December 2017

Source of financing: