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PhD Project

Analysis of economic and Institutional Incentives for Development of Insect-based Food and Feed Sector in Kenya

Mr. Pambo Kennedy Otieno
MSc. Agricultural and Applied Economics
University of Nairobi

Kennedy graduated with a Master of Science degree in Agricultural and Applied Economics from the University of Nairobi, Kenya. His training was on Agricultural and Applied Economics, with a bias towards agricultural marketing & political economy of agricultural policy. Currently, he is a policy analyst at the National Treasury of Kenya.

Regarding his PhD candidate at the Technical University of Kenya under the sponsorship of the GREEiNSECT consortium, his interest draws from the following short description: 

Access to enough and healthy food is not only a fundamental human right, but also a prerequisite for people to achieve their full physiological and cognitive potential. To realize this global dream, the current food production trends have to drastically improve, particularly in relation to food sources that supply proteins. To this end ‘small animals’ (insects) comes into the equation. Edible insects have always been part of human diets especially in developing world. In recent times however, the practice of eating insects (entomophagy) has declined in many societies, and has often been shunned as old-fashioned, fear inspiring/disgusting and primitive. Yet, among various cultures scattered throughout the world, insects remain a vital and preferred food and an essential source of protein, fat, minerals and vitamins. They are highly rich in protein for the improvement of human diet, especially for individuals suffering from poor nutrition because of a protein deficit. Gram for gram, insects often contain more protein and minerals than conventional meat.

In this PhD project, I’ll analyze the economic and institutional incentives for developing insect based food and feed industry in Kenya. I’ll employ the Zaltman’s Metaphor Elicitation Method to reveal the hidden meanings that different cultures attach towards entomophagy. I’ll also conduct an institutional barrier analysis to realize the institutional and political constraints facing development of insect industry in the country. 


Dr. Julius Okello, Dr. Benson Aten’g & Dr. Victor Owino